Wow!!! Where was this book 26yrs ago, when I found myself at 16, holding my new born baby daughter and being scared to death. I mean sooooo petrified that I couldn’t even bring myself to bath her. Thank goodness for the midwives who must have felt for how young and inexperienced I was, who kindly offered to bathe her for me.

Apart from keeping her clean and fed, how the hell was I going to keep her safe, when i’d not been able to keep myself safe (I hadn’t yet even begun to understand that the abuse I had suffered was not my fault). How could I be responsible for getting her unharmed from here point A, to point B, all grown up, when it seemed like a whole lifetime away. How naïve of me to think of only A to B, little did I know there’d be points A to Z, on repeat until she was anywhere near ready to leave home.

How could I, not much more than a child myself, possibly start to parent a brand new, beautiful baby, when I had, had a less than perfect start myself.

This book would have been a godsend for all the times I felt like a failure, for all the times I became triggered, and for the times I simply had no one to talk it over with.

Trigger points anthology (as their website and fb page are called) seeks to bring together a community of parents, both Mothers and Fathers, to share their stories of parenthood and how being a victim/survivor of child abuse has impacted them and their families. It also seeks to inform and educate health and social care providers.

From the books back cover…

What survivors have to say about the Trigger Points community:

“I found this group at the perfect time. I had just become a mother of two. My anxiety was through the roof. I was constantly triggered and felt lost. Then all of a sudden, it made sense. And, I wasn’t alone. The group provided me with guidance, helping me to connect dots and recognize what I was experiencing. It initiated healing, and for that, I am grateful”…

I have cried many healing tears of relief whilst reading this book, nodded and smiled knowingly in others, but most of all, I’ve felt part of a community. Knowing that we survivors are finding our voices, sharing more than ever and in doing so, changing the course for many others.

Trigger Points Anthology FB Page

Trigger Points Anthology Website