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Celebrating John Bradshaw – The father of the inner child movement



This is a beautifully laid out and easy to follow course that John Bradshaw presented called ‘Homecoming’. In all there are 10 episodes, each gently taking you from infancy right through to the present day. Assisting in healing, reclaiming  and integrating your inner child, so that you can fully move on to adulthood as a whole.

I have personally gained so much from this truly unique course, so I share here in the hope that it can help you too.

You’ll find links to the next episode if you open this in youtube.

Take your easy, come and go in your own time, and most of all enjoy…


Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime


This video changed my life, like seriously!! I cried my heart out, got really angry, then researched and researched so much that my brain went into melt down.

I cried because someone had dared to burden me with a life sentence, I got angry that childhood adversity is well known and well researched, yet there still is not enough funding in the UK for trauma centres. My brain went into melt down because I realised just how many papers have been published, how the DSM know about the affects and still refuse to classify ‘Developmental Trauma’, and because the medical professionals who we go to for help and support are so lacking in any real training.

I suggest you grab the tissues before watching this, it may just change your life too…


You can find more information on the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study here


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