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The UK & Eire database for all crimes against children, is the first of its kind, profiling child abusers and paedophiles that are often not reported in local or national media.

They have a free to use website where you can find out if you have any convicted offenders in your local area.

They state…

‘Aims of this website

The contents of this website highlight the vast problem of abusers re offending time after time. Sentences are patchy, sparse and far too lenient, not to mention an absolute insult to the victims and their families. The laws need to change, sentencing needs to change, monitoring needs to change, and the rights and welfare of child abusers over children, also needs to change.

We hope to spread awareness of child abuse in todays society and hope more survivors can find the courage to come forward and expose their abusers.
If you know of an offender who is not on this database, please get in touch’.

The tireless work they do is amazing, and absolutely necessary, please do show them your support!


    • Delmob

      March 7, 2017 at 10:07 am

      Thank you for you comment and link Scott. You can follow the link in this article, to UK & Eire Database’s website and ask them to add this offender to their site.

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